An eye-tracking replication without an eye tracker: Capturing predictive sentence processing of accented speech via the internet

Authors: Adam A. Bramlett, Chun-ying Tu, Xiaohan Liu, Seth Wiener

Presented at: Human Sentence Processing 2023

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Learning from a single cue: is phonetic learning dimension based?

Authors: Adam A. Bramlett, Kaori Idemaru, Vsevolod Kapatsinski

Presented at: Acoustic Society of America 2022, Error-driven learning in Language 2022

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jTRACE modeling of L2 Mandarin learners’ spoken word recognition at two time points in learning

Authors: Adam A. Bramlett, Seth Wiener

Presented at: Speech prosody 2022, Lisbon Portugal 

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Mandarin Tone Acquisition as a Multimodal Learning Problem: Tone 3 Diacritic Manipulation

Authors: Adam A. Bramlett

Presented at: University of Indiana, Second language speech lab

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